Thursday, November 29, 2007

Some people have the nerve...

I found this ad on Craigslist while looking for places to rent in the Yucatan area. Short for words, I'll make the only one that comes to mind slightly bigger: B A S T A R D

Reply to:
Date: 2007-11-09, 5:40AM CST

Hello I am Italian 41 y.o. man and I am looking for a sexy mexican lady who is interested to be my girlfriend for 15 days while I will be in the USA. I would pay your trip to the USA plus some expenses and presents. I will reply back only to those ladies who will send me back pictures.



* Location: USA
* Compensation: to be discussed
* This is a part-time job.
* Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
* Please, no phone calls about this job!
* Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

PostingID: 473476658

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lipstick on your Cloud

This is exactly how I feel right now. I just drift on a cloud everytime I'm supposed to be working. Oh well, let's just enjoy that for a moment. There are worse things than the uplifting of a poor soul.

Magyar Love

Today I wake up at nine in the morning and realise I need a few extra hours of sleep because last night I stayed up late -blame it to Fobia and consequently to Angel Flores, Carlos Somonte, Alejandro Marcovich and my blog neighbor, Jorge Pedro, among others, and of course, to Covadonga. But I am too excited to stay in bed. The problem is I am always too excited to stay in bed!

Today, for example, I am excited becuase for some reason it looks like it's Christmas (and I love Christmas). There's lots of wrapping paper all over the living room. And there are party hats on the table. There's even a bottle of Absinthe sitting there too, lost among the many hungarian delicatessen my brother brought from his trip last night.

Lots of memories are running through my head right now. New and old. They won't make any sense to anybody, like any of the stuff I write here. But all I can say is that is good to have a hungarian in your family. Trust me.

In fact, if you know any hungarian in Mexico (or anywhere), please contact me. I do want to marry one.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Leigh Lezark (Misshapes) and I were taking lots of photos last Thursday at the Sienna Miller party in Mexico City. This is one of them. No wait. Alex took this one.

Fafi et moi

French illustrator Fafi came to Mexico last Friday, this time she did not DJ like husband Mehdi. Fafi came to do what she does like no one else, paint. I went to meet her at the Adidas Originals opening party, where I bumped into lots of people I know, but the music and hired breakdancers were not really my thing. I went to my friend's next door and watch a movie instead. I found this pic of Fafi and me on a blog, so this post is just an excuse to put it up.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Waiter, can I get the check please? or The World's Biggest Procrastinator

It's 8:39 p.m. and I am supposed to deliver a feature on Seinfeld and his Bee Movie tonight, but while I google a few facts about Seinfeld, I keep wishing I had more time to dive into the universe of America's best TV show ever (TV Guide).

The internet is amazing. I just learnt that you can actually watch all 180 episodes online. Also I found all the scripts from the TV series. Not to mention the blog, the shop, and so many other useful links.

All I want to do tonight is sit here and watch Seinfeld. And tomorrow. And the whole weekend.

Jerry: Oh you're crazy.
Kramer: Am I? Or am I so sane that you just blew your mind?
Jerry: It's impossible.
Kramer: Is it? Or is it so possible that your head is spinning like a top?
Jerry: It can't be.
Kramer: Can't it? Or is your entire world just crashing down all around you?
Jerry: Alright, that's enough.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Google chat with LA Weekly's Daniel Hernandez (who I've only met thru words, oh yeah and voice too)

Daniel: estas?
just saw these messages...
me: hey
Daniel: WHATS GOOD TONIGHT? patio...
me: yeah, i guess so
tho i will go to a bday party before
Daniel: (right?)
i heard it was the last night
me: it's a costume party and movies are the theme, i will go as barbarella
Daniel: whAT?
costume night...
me: fiesta de disfraces. did u also hear bouty it?
i wanna know who ekse is going
Daniel: oh? sorry... confused
thought you meant patio
no i didnt hear about it...
me: ok
gotta make some calls
but even if i am the only one there
i will go. i am barbarella tonight, no end if or but
Daniel: take pix again!
Sent at 7:46 PM on Saturday
me: i will
sure i will see u at some point tonite
such is nite lifein mexico
Daniel: [devil]
i need to chronicle all this!!!!!
me: dude, funny you say this cos look:
i am saving this conversation to put on my blog
Daniel: oh shit...
oh shit...
i need to show you some of my stuff...
me: hehe
Daniel: can i join you tonight?
me: yeah
come w me then
me: i am going w a bunch of girls and one bloke i dunno
but all my people/entourage are wonderful
Daniel: cheka that link...
me: i m doing it
Daniel: im gonna go put change on my puta phone...
me: sounds like the story of my nite life
check my blog
Daniel: it looks delicious...
me: yours too
very pro, mine is very personal i warn you
it's a reality show of me
Daniel: no its good. i wish i had the courage
me: a reality show off
Daniel: to disclose my nightranging...
very very sexy
me: the thing is you are already doing it
Daniel: the bits i tell people about the things i do at NITE it either freaks people out or pisses them off.
me: but you don't know it
or pretend you don't which is what most people do
a blog is all about oneself, whether we accept that or not
Daniel: i cant help... i self-disclose too much, so do you, i can tell!
me: yes, what's not to love about doing that!?
Sent at 7:59 PM on Saturday
Daniel: "im loving it"
me: [smile]
Sent at 8:01 PM on Saturday
me: just left you a comment
Daniel: booya

A Moleskine always comes in handy

If you wonder why, I tell you the story. This photo was taken during the Soda Stereo concert, where in a moment of sound glory, I decided to grab my pen and moleskine to take some notes. I was writing exactly what was going on on my mind; describing what was happening around me, including the fact that a couple standing next to me, suddenly, stared at me and my notebook, and cleverly took a photo of the notes I was taking... only to find a hand written description of the scene: me taking these notes, them looking at me, reaching for their camera, and taking a photo of me doing this...

Smiling with Seinfeld

"It would be funny to make a movie about Bees and call it Bee Movie". When Jerry Seinfeld said these words to Steven Spielberg at a dinner party, all he was trying to do was, of course, trying to be funny, but Spielberg said "that is a great idea for a movie". He called Jeffrey Katzenberg and the rest is history.

Jerry Seinfeld and Jeffrey Katzenberg (Dreamworks' C.E.O.) are currently touring the world promoting Bee Movie, an animated film written by Seinfeld. We crossed paths in Mexico City and I wanted to use this chance to meet with the funniest person in the planet.

Looks like everything Seinfeld does starts as a joke and ends up as a succesful venture, and that's highly refreshing, cos you and I know this is an exception. There should be more people like him. I will soon publish the entire interview where Jerry joked just about everything and nothing. He looked very smart on that blue suit. For some reason I imagined he was gonna show up wearing jeans and a brown leather jacket.

After having met him during this interview last week in Mexico City, I loved the fact that he just does not take himself serioulsy at all. He had no idea what his next project was,"I never plan anything", "the only thing I was sure about was that I wanted to be a comediant, the rest it's just a gift".

Oh yeah, the movie is rad too. You should go see it, in case you haven't.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

"I think it would be fun to run a newspaper"

Pic by Diario de Fiestas

I never imagined I could dress like this in Mexico City, but during Fashion Week S/S 2008 you did not have another option. This was the same day I interviewed Nikki Hilton for the publication I was editing, Fashion Week's The Daily (look between my hands), she told me she had only brought tank tops and flip flops! I don't blame her. Mexico City's recent weather is absurd, just like everything happening to our planet right now.

Fashion Week was Freezing Week. According to the weatherman, it was around 5 degrees C during the day. Luckily I managed to bring a few winter pieces from my Montreal excursions and, well, I did not entirely freeze.

But don't look at me with those eyes, I did not kill the animal, it's a vintage coat, you fool. I love animals and to prove it, I will tell you that I'm wearing many layers underneath, each one representing a wild animal. The result won the applause of Nikki Hilton and many of our local designers and fashion experts. Meow.

And about the newspaper. Is it fun? Yeah, Mr. Kane was right. It's been lots of fun.