Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Pic. by Domestic Fine Arts

The opening film for this year's edition of FICCO (Mexico's International Contemporary Film Festival) was David Cronenberg's Eastern Promises.

Viggo Mortensen blew our minds with an amazing performance, but the best part was seeing our very own Richard D. James (aka Aphex Twin) singing in Russian while playing accordion in one of the scenes.

The event took place last night at Antara, the shopping mall located in posh Polanco and their set up was very simple: a DJ, strobes and three fully equipped bars spread along the mall's main hall.

After the film, we all gathered and mingled around boutiques without complaining about them shops being closed. It was fun to party on such settings. It reminded me of that dream where you go to a shop when it's dark, empty and closed and a very special feeling of freedom runs through your veins: by now you know you can do anything and no one is gonna stop you, like try all the clothes, open bottles of champagne, change the price and position of the items, you get my point...

If you have not seen it, trust me, Eastern Promises will not disappoint you.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wanna join me this Friday?

I did the flyer.
I'm organising the event.
I promote it.
I'm DJing.
I booked the talent.

It's a lot of work, but I did it for you people, so we can have fun together.

Be there or be square!

Love, Naomi

Another Sunday in CU

Because not only parties have their after parties, football matches lead to sequels too. Specially if your team has won, which was last Sunday's case. Pumas 4-Jaguares 1!

We wathced the action in the middle of La Rebel, I must confess this was very risky as our rebel friends were more threatening and aggressive than ever. You really have to be mad to go and do what we just did. People were stealing beer and stuff, but you have to earn your spot there and once they accept you, you feel protected.

The after at Las Islas was all about eating chicarrones con salsa valentina, and laying down under the sun. La Rebel gathered under the tunnel as usual, so we could hear the chants and bounce to their beat.

I took a trip to the library'girls room where I changed my outfit into the summer-y dress you see here. The day was not over. Our after followed at el Happy's place, where he set up loud speakers and robotic lights in his on his living room, where we danced all kinds of tacky music. It was four of us, my sister, el Happy and Daniel Hernandez, who emailed me the next day to tell me "yesterday was the best day I had in DF so far".

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Last Sunday with La Rebel

Ok we finally won. But I felt we were winning since the time I got to the stadium when my friend Happy said 'we are going to La Rebel!'

I had a sweet night in and woke up at 10:00 am, which is late for me cos as you know, I don't like sleeping. I grabbed three beers form my tiny fridge at Macondo (my Mac -condo) when Happy picked me up. He was wearing a cast cos he broke his hand skating
- just imagine what was expecting me!

We get to CU and buy tickets 'Dos a La Rebel porfa'. I wore the Pumas shirt, just in case we win. We find two empty spots right in the middle of them rebels and on we go, like pumas, we jumped up and join the party: "Dale, dale, dale -O, dale Pumas, dale O"..., "Yo te sigo a todas partes a donde vas, cada vez te quiero mas! (y mas, y mas...)"

And then goal. Ace. Beautiful. Until Monterrey scored. Hmmm. Con esta racha de principio de ani, we are more than used to it, plus we are not here for the goals, as lots of the t-shirt's around me clearly state 'Los titulos no hacen la alegria; la alegria la hace su gente."

A bloke comes up to me and asks me 'who you here with?' I pointed at my friend. He said, 'oh ok'. 'Do you know him?'I asked.'No, but it's OK'. Whatever that meant...

If you don't know what la Rebel is, they are the biggest, oldest and loudest (wildest) cheering team supporting Pumas. They must be about 10,000 fans wearing beer in one hand, a joint on the other one. Either wearing Pumas shits or no shirts at all. They are lovely though. Except for when they slam and fall into eachother, hurting and throwing away everything that's next to them. Ouch.

I look above me and an avalanche of semi-naked tatooed boys (and more boys) are quickly approaching. I jump from my spot a meter down to the floor and graciously fall on my sexy golden platform sandals. The boys around me say, 'don't worry, if nothing happens, the boys are just slamming from one side to the other': Que se mueve para alla, que se mueve para alla. "But when they score, we all gonna jump one step down, so beware of the goal". Thanks mate, I will.

The rest of the match V.S.Monterrey, I was half wishing we win, but half wishing they don't, so that nobody falls on me and break my two hundred and something bones. Five minutes before the end though, I decide to jump down and see what happens through people's tatooed legs, just in case -the hopeful case of the winning goal.

And there it was, another Pumas goal. Uno, dos, tres, Cachun Cachun Ra- Ra, cachun cachun ra- ra. Goya - Goya, UNIVERSIDAD! - As the boy warned me, everyone jumped down and the big party started there. I was so happy, I could not care less for any of my bones anymore. In the end of the day, soy AZUL y ORO!

The hymn starts and we all rise. Rise, rebels sise! Eleven players come and sing in front of us a last Goya, and with our hands in the air we said good-bye to Leandro, La rebel, el Tuca, and CU.

From now on, it will be victory, or just loads of beer. I have the feeling...

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Love is (not) a Bitch

And just as I was saying so... my producer friend Marteen from Buenos Aires (via Miami) called me to tell me he is in town. He picked me up and we went to El Pendulo, where I had bought two books earlier on the day. I had two mango juices and some empanadas, then we crossed the street and met with Leo and his band: all of us ready for more shenanigans.

The band played at a corporate event in Centro. And, believe it or not, it was the funnest thing ever. Not only the band featured an incredible line up: Caifanes' Sabo Romo, Plastilina Mosh's Jonas, La Ley's Mauricio Claveria, Jaguares/Mana's El Vampiro, Lupita's Poncho Toledo, Resorte's Gus and naturally Leo Fobia. The set of songs was great too. Besides their own tracks, the band did covers of Caifanes, Soda Stereo, La Ley, oh and they even played Camelia la Tejana!

After Los Concorde, Atto's band played Copacabana, La Boa and that kind of fun stuff. Marcela and I were dancing and taking photos the whole time, and people were also taking our photo non-stop. At one point Pancha pulled us to the stage and we were forced to sing a song! Pointer Sisters's I'm so Excited- those who said Marce and I had the most fun from the rest were not lying.

With so much singing and dancing, we all felt hungry, so Califa was our next destination. Me and Gus, another argentinian producer, drove on the back of a Jeep without a roof. It was superfun. After Gaonas and beans and beer and a chicken pastor, we joined the others back at the studio. Some went home, and some of us went to Barney's where the fun extended for another couple of hours. And for the first time, in a long time, I felt loved.

Btw, Love is a Bitch, the new Concorde's tune is great.

Breakfast at Condesa DF

It was 8:00 am when I woke up. I reached for the laptop and check my email before doing Yoga here at home. There was an email from Alan Mc Gee. He sent it at 5:30 am and asked if we could meet for breakfast at 8:30. I replied positively, but I changed the rendez-vous to 9:00. And still, I got there fashionably late!

We must have sat there for two hours, Alan and I. Chatting about what we both are doing in Mexico, sharing lots of ideas and plans in regards to music business. I really like Alan. Intelligent, fun, crazy and scottish, so it was grrrrreat seeing him.

Alan spends a lot of time in Mexico City, this suprises people a lot. But he is not the only one who is in love with our culture. A lot of journalists, film directors, artists, photographers, musicians, and producers come here to get inspired. That's also why I moved back here (and I am loving every bit of it).

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


A friend just phoned me and while talking about architecture and colour we agreed that in the last three years no one has included colour in their designs or buildings in Mexico. And if Mexico is not doing it, then no other country is, she said.

Maybe I need to update my knowledge, but have you seen contemporary architecture and desing that includes colours other than black, grey, and white? I have not!

After we hung up, and already in bed, our little chat inevitably triggered a fresh dream I just had...

Sometime between yesterday and today I was dreaming of me and an imaginary friend (those you think you know very well, but when you wake up you can't remember who they are or if you even know them).

My friend and I were hanging out at las Torres de Satelite. On my dream - like on most photos - they were way more beautiful than they actualy are in reality. And on the square - where they have been firmly planted almost 50 years ago by Mexico's most talented gang of three at the time: sculpturer Mathias Goeritz, architect Luis Barragan, and painter Jesus Reyes Ferreria - there was a free Slurpee machine, where any visitor could enjoy, at no cost, colourful ice-cold slush in any of the flavours you see above. Idyllic, huh?

I poured half blue and half red on a gigantic Slrupee cup and just when I was about to finish my yummy flavoured frappe drink, I woke up. It must have been from the noise I was making playing with the straw!

Monday, February 4, 2008

S.O. I.N. L.O.V.E.

Talk to me, dont lie to me
Save your breath
Dont look at me, dont smile at me
Just close your eyes
I was so impressed by you
I was running blind
I would fall for every trick
Every twist of mind

Heaven is cold
Without any soul
Its hard to believe
I was so in love with you

Dont say your prayers, dont build your hopes
Just walk away
Dont phone me up, dont call around
Dont waste your time
You were so in awe of me
You were so divine
You would do just anything
To still be mine

Heaven is cold
Without any soul
Its hard to believe
I was so in love with you

All the things you said to me
I was so upset
You were always talking talking
God I did my best

Heaven is cold
Without any soul
Its hard to believe
I was so in love with you

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ole, Leo!

No, please don't think we are cheating here. What Leo and I - two faithful Pumas fans - are doing at el Estadio Azul is walking through it so that we can connect with the arena next door, the mighty Plaza Mexico, where he is about to play his concert in front of 50,000 screaming fans.

With a capacity of 39,000 the home of Cruz Azul does looks quite sexy when it's empty too, don't you think?

We are running late. It's Friday and there's loads of traffic. Los Concorde are the next band to go on stage. There are lots of bands playing this evening, including Molotov and Cafe Tacuba. We are taken to a small red camper car where the band is to get ready. As a master of lists, I write down song lists for everyone on the band, but last minute the band changes the order.

The crowd goes mental when they play Rompecabezas, they just sing and dance and flash their cameras and we all love it.

I watch the concert from the field standing up exactly on the same spot where bulls get killed, I decide to take the experience lightly becuase on my to do list, I had already checked all kinds of emotions today.

I take on the role of publicist and deal with press requests. Newspaper and radio reporters keep on coming to me and I kindly organise them to make the most out of everyone's time. When the gig is over Leo gives a few more interviews. The one with Jordi Rosado is my favourite. We bumped into friends and musicians and hang out for a bit, but decide to leave soon.

On our way out, we cross the tunnel and see a bunch of boys on their knees facing the wall. It looks odd.

We ask the policeman in charge of the boys what is going on and he tells us that trouble kids deserve to be punished! 'Just don't spank them please', we say before we leave the venue.