Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Last Sunday with La Rebel

Ok we finally won. But I felt we were winning since the time I got to the stadium when my friend Happy said 'we are going to La Rebel!'

I had a sweet night in and woke up at 10:00 am, which is late for me cos as you know, I don't like sleeping. I grabbed three beers form my tiny fridge at Macondo (my Mac -condo) when Happy picked me up. He was wearing a cast cos he broke his hand skating
- just imagine what was expecting me!

We get to CU and buy tickets 'Dos a La Rebel porfa'. I wore the Pumas shirt, just in case we win. We find two empty spots right in the middle of them rebels and on we go, like pumas, we jumped up and join the party: "Dale, dale, dale -O, dale Pumas, dale O"..., "Yo te sigo a todas partes a donde vas, cada vez te quiero mas! (y mas, y mas...)"

And then goal. Ace. Beautiful. Until Monterrey scored. Hmmm. Con esta racha de principio de ani, we are more than used to it, plus we are not here for the goals, as lots of the t-shirt's around me clearly state 'Los titulos no hacen la alegria; la alegria la hace su gente."

A bloke comes up to me and asks me 'who you here with?' I pointed at my friend. He said, 'oh ok'. 'Do you know him?'I asked.'No, but it's OK'. Whatever that meant...

If you don't know what la Rebel is, they are the biggest, oldest and loudest (wildest) cheering team supporting Pumas. They must be about 10,000 fans wearing beer in one hand, a joint on the other one. Either wearing Pumas shits or no shirts at all. They are lovely though. Except for when they slam and fall into eachother, hurting and throwing away everything that's next to them. Ouch.

I look above me and an avalanche of semi-naked tatooed boys (and more boys) are quickly approaching. I jump from my spot a meter down to the floor and graciously fall on my sexy golden platform sandals. The boys around me say, 'don't worry, if nothing happens, the boys are just slamming from one side to the other': Que se mueve para alla, que se mueve para alla. "But when they score, we all gonna jump one step down, so beware of the goal". Thanks mate, I will.

The rest of the match V.S.Monterrey, I was half wishing we win, but half wishing they don't, so that nobody falls on me and break my two hundred and something bones. Five minutes before the end though, I decide to jump down and see what happens through people's tatooed legs, just in case -the hopeful case of the winning goal.

And there it was, another Pumas goal. Uno, dos, tres, Cachun Cachun Ra- Ra, cachun cachun ra- ra. Goya - Goya, UNIVERSIDAD! - As the boy warned me, everyone jumped down and the big party started there. I was so happy, I could not care less for any of my bones anymore. In the end of the day, soy AZUL y ORO!

The hymn starts and we all rise. Rise, rebels sise! Eleven players come and sing in front of us a last Goya, and with our hands in the air we said good-bye to Leandro, La rebel, el Tuca, and CU.

From now on, it will be victory, or just loads of beer. I have the feeling...

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