Friday, March 21, 2008


Cruz Azul - America

Last Sunday America vs Cruz Azul were playing at el Estadio Azul. We did not have tickets and did not even plan on going but ended up there cos we were trying to go to the bullfight next door. To my surprise there was not any bullflight, so all we had left was try the match between these two rivals, America and Cruz Azul.

We (Alex, Ramdane, Christian) sneaked in by telling security guards that my mates were french journos and needed to take pics of a goal for Le Figaro. Of course this was a lie, as none of us are french, only one of us live in Paris and the only place where we would publish our shenaningans would be on this blog!

The score was 2-2 and we were approaching the end of the match. By the end of it, none of the teams ever scored, so we run away to Los Danzantes in Coyoacan and got drunk with Mezcal, the best cure to fix unclear situations or at least forget about them.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Girola en el Tamayo

I like this drawing. From everything that's exhibiting now at Tamayo this is the piece that cought my attention the most, hence it's the only pic I took during my visit. I like the three white dots across the glass, they are not part of the piece, they were the reflexion of the lights above us...

An evening with Pedro Friedeberg...

I have a dream... you, me and our favourite film here

Pero sigo siendo el RAVE! - Cigarrettes Kill

On playing music...

I think I already blogged about this, but I have a new passion, just like drawing, reading, listening to music and dancing, making music. Nothing beats the feeling of freedom you get when you you create a new sound.

Jose Miguel (dapuntobeat) and I started playing together a few weeks ago, but we have been friends for a lot longer. We've only played twice and we are not stopping any soon. Au contraire, offers are starting to come and we are starting to think about this seriously, which is even more fun.

We use LIVE Ableton and laptops and synths and a moog (soon). We meet for sessions at his studio for hours of sharing songs and getting all excited about how this mixes with that and all. We both are very busy and have tight schedules but we make an effort to keep creating.

The music we play with is a mix between his and my records, all 'twisted' by our twisted minds. I have a good ear and I have ideas, while JM teaches sound at Ibero and knows all the techy parts, a match made in heaven basically!

The pic here is from the LO FI FNK party, we got lots of fans that nite and I can't wait to go back to that stage.

Next gig:

5 April at Pasaje America with DOLLZ AT PLAY

Ya llego el que andaba Absinthe!

M.I.A. hosted a party at Pasaje America a few days before MXBEAT took place. As you can imagine everybody was there wearing their most colourful outfits. It was fun. I gave her some of the absinthe I was drinking and that Grace or Hector Toledo bought for me...

There are two highlights from the night, interrupting Facundo's recording, and comparing phrases with Hector Toledo who like me, collects phrases! He kept texting me the whole night funny stuff, nonsense. And I love non-sense, soecially other people's!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Diario de Fiestas o Fiestas Diario?

This week is the craziest busyiest one perhaps ever in Mexico City's nitelife: from disco to disco, from Monday to Monday...

My advise? Quit your day job, become an artist and follow the party until the end of times. You only live once. Ok, maybe twice.

See you tomorrow kids!