Sunday, April 20, 2008


Cosmic Dancers at Bellas Artes


Up up down down left righ left right A B start

"just because we use cheats it does not mean we are not smart"

Saturday, April 19, 2008

La orejona

the real UEFA Champs League trophe at Pasaje America. Ace, innit?

Round & Round

Here's Xochitl and me spinning round and round at Adriana Lara's exhibition. Go figure.

MEXIPOPS en Mexico

I set up this expo a few weeks ago at Pasaguero. As you can see, it is pixelated versions of Mexico's most iconic pop culture figures. Created by Craig Robinson, Mexipops is a (mexican) extension to his Minipops collection.

Don't miss the chance to come see what Burbujas or El Chavo del 8, Fox, El Santo, Blue Demosn, Frida and many other mexas look like when imagined, drawn and blown up by Mr. Robinson on Pasaguero's walls.

Motolinia 33, Centro
Mexico DF

Until May 3rd.

Orquideas Susurrrantes

Some people are happy when flowers are growing. Such is the case of the man you see on the photo here and on the cover of the TIME magazine issue he is holding on his hands.

His name: Mario Coria. He comes from Tuxpan, a little villa in Michoacan, Mexico. One day Mario, as many other Tuxpan inhabitants eventually decide, tried his luck across the border. Mario loved flowers and gardens, but he got a job building houses instead, until one day he had the chance to work on gardening at the Hamptons. Next thing you know everyone in the neighborhood was impressed by his hand and soon the entire Hamptons wanted him around. Mario brought more people from Tuxpan to help him and then he came back to Mexico to live his dream, el cultivo de Orquideas.

Purple, white, perfumed or not, he keeps an incredible collection at his lush garden in Tuxpan where I had the cahance to meet him. Mario is a simple, quiet and peaceful just like the flowers he grow. He even smells nice.

Papu, his parents and Alexandre (my boyfriend) were very happy to visit his fantasy garden. even bought one of his flowers. Alexandre bought me beautiful orchids and they look very yummy on my dinning table.

Tuxpan Michoacan is not far from your way to Valle. I recommend you to stop by Mario's oasis on your next trip. If you need info, feel free to email me.