Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sunday, May 18, 2008


(This song ) Makes Me Love You

Alexandre et moi dans La Covadonga

Acapulco Moments

Ein Abend mit Apparat...

Es war ueber geil beim Pasaje America am Freitag, wann der Apparat band rocked da floor. Fuenf hundert oder so kids haben getanzt bis um Ende des Abends, aber nur ein paar erinneren sich was spaeter passiert ist, habe Ich gehoert.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Brave New World(s)

Eugenio Lopez's Coleccion Jumex is in Ecatepec, an industrial town located at one of the Mexico City's most chaotic outskirts.

Getting there is not fun. You have to drive on Insurgentes Norte, (Insurgentes is the longest street on planet Earth) until you reach the end of the avenue before you enter Ecatepec, where streets have no names and people drive like madmen. But once you get there, you'll realise it was all worth it.

Indeed the enormous Jumex warehouse is home of the biggest contemporary art collection in Latam. Yummy installations are spread all over the venue that treasures some of today's most interesting art pieces, and wandering around them is fun.

During FEMACO (the art fair formerly known as MACO), Jumex invited a select group of people to check their current exhibition, Brave New Worlds.

The (annual) happening kicked off at noon and extended until the sun came down. There was music, food, drinks and people. And then there was more music, more food, more drinks and more people. Oh, of course, there was also an art exhibition happening next door.

Oscar Madrazo and I explored the area, took hundreds of photos, ate chocolate ice cream, danced a song and had some fun, that or we were just being completely silly, you decide.

We saw a man on a dark suit walking along the walls of a room where an installation video thingy was set up. His step was monotonous -almost mechanic- and so was the look on his face.

I asked him:

-Are you part of the piece?

He replied with a disappointing tone on his words.

-Looks like it. But I'm not.

Then he looked at me from head-to-toe. His face expressions slightly altered. With a voice that sounded less monotonous than his answers before, he asked:

-Are YOU part of the exhibition?

I did not mention what I was wearing but I will (have to) now: head-to-toe Carlos Temores 'next' season, helmet on and all, as seen in the pic here. At that point I looked at myself and thought, hey, I kinda belong here, so I assumed the position...

-Yes, I am.

For a proper review of BRAVE NEW WORLDS check LA Weekly's Daniel Hernandez words here:


Friday, May 2, 2008

I love my job(s)

I worked loads during Fashion Week's F/W 2008 edition, hence the lack of blog posts.
I was editing (again) FWM's Diary -the daily free publication we distribute exclusively during La semana de la moda. I'm sure all of you are now v familiar with it by now.

I also DJed at FWM's official party which took place at Champs Elysees restaurant, a usually plain boring french restaurant in Reforma. And as if that was not enough, on thursday, I even modelled for Manhes Massun and walked on FW's catwalk. I did not have a chance to stop and relax, I could not do my laundry for one week, but I had so much fun...

And how did I manage to do all those activities at the same time? Easy. I plugged in my computer to play music, but secretly, I was also emailing my graphic designer at the magazine sending him notes I was taking/typing while the party was happening. Everyone loved our music, and the magazine came out really well too.