Monday, July 7, 2008

By the way

This dress M.I.A. is wearing here is now in my closet thanks to designers Marvin & Quetzal, who were sweet enough to give me this and another one of their hot designs last week, along with one of those gold medals they made... another wonderful designer who showed some love is Mancandy - love in the form of a sexy black dress!

Yes, I know I am now contradicting myself and my last post, OK I do care for presents and gifts, who does not? but 'what do you want for your birthday?' is a question I will never have a material answer for (hello Alexandre!).

This post is to express that I appreciate and love all the gifts i got by everyone in the past few days, like those balloons and the chic purse Annie gave me, or Laurita and her Sponge Bob Play Doh, or Michelle's gift in the form of an action, leaving her ego behind dressing up ridiculous just to made me laugh, or the more abstract ones, and naturally mum's and brother's presents, I love them all, I love you all... I just wanted to clear that out. Thank you all sweethearts <3

My Birthday Wishes and Dreams

I have been busy working, playing records, writing copy, and breaking records... dancing, chatting with cute people, listening to the funnest jokes, meeting loads o smart men and women, in other words, enjoying life far too much... hence the lack of posts...

June passed by in an Augenblick: filled with long weekends, big parties and interesting projects, before I noticed July had arrived, and, with it, my birthday (last Friday).

And birthdays lead to cakes, cakes lead to candles, candles lead to wishes, and wishes lead to thoughts followed by annoying question marks: What do I want? what do I need? what do I have?

As a list maker by nature, I'd create one here - if only I had something to say -, but at this time, I think I have everything I want. Health, love, family, friends, freedom; enough experience to perform, enough curiosity to keep wanting to learn more.

Sure I lost my i-pod and yes, my camera broke, but I can get those things myself through alchemy, or work, whatever you want to call it. There's a zillion books I want to read, but buying them is not the issue, the issue is finding the time to read them! There's loads of lost tunes I need to get back, but I am gonna wait for them to get back on their own, now it's time to go with the flow and stumble with new -and old- sounds through coincidence, through spontaneous encounters, maybe even through other ears.

Because the flux is there and I gotto move on and look ahead, can't look back. And I won't step in the same river twice, because simply, you can't: water keeps flowing as we all keep changing, nor you nor water will be ever the same... and at this very moment I'm as happy as those balloons I'm holding why worry about anything else?