Thursday, January 8, 2009

From Einstein to Borges and (almost) nothing in between

How different Latin writers write biographies. Volodia wrote one of Borges, he wrote a few actually. It was during my trip to Juitepec where I came across his book. I was readying Einstein's bio, written by an American. It was fluid, it was to the point, it was enchanting. But Volodia's version of Borges existance was a trip to la Pampa, Recoletta, Florida, and many other streets and callejones in Buenos Aires. It was complicated, it was fiery, it made me sigh.

So why should one keep writing in English when with Spanish you can reach the deepest caves of your soul?

I will never know. I only thank the universe for giving me the option.

I started writing this blog in English becuase I did not knwo where to find the accents on my keyboard. And I did not want to commit ortographic flaws, which in English is OK because it's selbstverstaendlich.

I will keep doing whatever I want, this is the freedom one can flaunt on blogs, for no magazine or newspaper would allow this kind of behaviour, not yet anyway.

Blogs are wonderful things. I recently was invited to participate at a conference aboout blogging. The event took place at La Esmeralda, an art school here in DF. The room smelled like passion.
Our moderator made a few declarations that made us all wonder.

In the future there wil lbe no printed press. That we already knew. In the future there will be no more curators, no more museums, no more galleries! Then he talked about the importance of blogs. About the importance of being there and how effective this media is for artist's exposure.
I understand not all artists are into doing this, but at this session the ones sitting in fron of us seemed to have gotten interested in building one blog, at least to send their work to bloggers in the hope for geting noticed.

So if this is how schools are thinking then art in public spaces pretty much is the answer.

Anyway, I must go and learn how to use a blackberry. I wanted not to succumb to it just yet, I wanted to explore the posibilities of an i-phone, but what can you do when the long arm of technology reaches you.


Monday, January 5, 2009


After xmas, Jose and I went on a mission: to watch Lost's 4th Season. We run from one blockbuster to the next to rent it, cos Videodromo had closed... where the hell is a Videocentro when you need one?

After a couple of days in the city we realised we had nothing to do here, so we drove to Jiutepec, a lovely little town just next to Cuernavaca in Morelos. Yep, the infamous 'estadazo'.

As we drove on he highway I noticed a few different things on the landscape, garbage in the form of advertising!

- Look somebody's credit card just fell from heaven!
- Hey, is not that a Corona beer cap?
- What is that? Hell, no. An ad for Continental tires.

And that did not stop there, my dear friend, the bull that advertises vodka and started this kind of trend came across our path too, but as we all know, he kind of became a classic: he was always there anyway, and that never hurt, I dunno why. Maybe because it is an animal, and, after all, the country belongs to them, or so I still want to believe.

But to see all these larger than life objects spread all over our mountains, roads and hills invading our site was very depressing. It makes you wonder, where is this going? When is this gonna stop?

I think the worse was spotting a huge Axe deodorant bottle placed along the lovely highway, probably designed for and by the stinkiest person on earth who is responsible of such an absurd and evil idea: billboards on the shape of objects melting with the ladscape on Mexico's busiest highways! It's ok if they have lost their minds, but to want us to lose ours it's a scary thought.

Not long ago I launched much more decent project, will tell you what it is about, but if you are lazy to go there now, i'll sum it up for you. In one sentence:

To replace advertising with art.

And while I was making an effort to clean the environment with some lovely images, meanwhile, dear reader, some evil organisation was doing the complete opposite: replacing our landscape with trash. What a waste!