Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Blog You!!!

By the way: I have been invited to speak at a conference about 'blogs' next Monday at an art school here in DF, La Esmeralda.

The truth is I don't know anything about blogs, for me it was a natural progression to end up here, or rather, here and to do what I can do best, disseminate information about stuff that tickles my spirit.

I will also tell the audience about MAP,, my other project. Here's the invite and you are invited.

When Music, Art and Fashion collide... well, sort of

Louis Vuitton invited me and my friend Xochitl to play records at the We Love Sprouse party here in Mexico City. We played a series of songs related to fashion, beauty, models, brands, and all that. They loved it so much, they invited us to fly to Guadalajara the following week to play music at the Vuitton party over there.

This was the first time Xo and I travel somewhere to play records as DJs, it was lots of fun sharing a room at a really flashy hotel, meeting our beloved designer Enrique for launch at El Negro (yum!) and then playing music for the coolest crowd in Guadalajara.

Julia y Renata, Luis Enrique Bolivar, las hermanas Leanio, and Enrique Rubio were there too, which was nice. The people who work at Vuitton are super sweet, I swear, I'd wear the brand simply because of them.

There is a vibrant scene in Guadalajara, one could tell from the outfits and the ready for everything attitude the guests at this event were sporting. We got invited to carry on at this and that place, but in the end we decided to go back to the hotel and have a quiet night. We watched the news and then fell asleep.

The morning after, Xochitl and I went for breakfast across our hotel and it was then when I bumped into one of the many bus shelters featuring my MAP project, art in public spaces, yay!
We took some pics and rushed back to the hotel to pack our bags and head back to Mexico City on a scary Fokker.

And that's not all folks; that night Hello DF hosted another 'rebel' party back in DF, which ended up being one of the sweetest nights in a long time. If you wanna know more about these shenanigans, stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


David Lachapelle takes photos of rockstars and celebrities, but everyone knows he's a rockstar and celebrity himself.

Last Thursday at the opening of his current show in Mexico, I had the chance to bump into him and into his muse Amanda Lepore, which you can see in these pics.

I did also bumped into a photographer, into many of them, in fact. Lots of people in the fashion scene were there. The event took place at a San Ildefonso, a gorgeous venue with a huge red carpet on which I walked holding hands with my friend Oscar Madrazo (see pic).

The music was terrible and the crowd was a strange mix. Sometimes you can't rely on a good product, every detail is just as important. It's the sum of all parts what makes an event an experience.

After a while, when I was already having a good time and a fun conversation with a girl: Boom! there was a fight. People dressed as hell's Angels wearing skull leather biker jackets and all of them wearing badges started it. They had badges on as if they were part of the production, which was even stranger. Then there was blood and aggression. Nothing too extreme, but for me it was a disaster, it was time to call it a night. Or not.

I looked for my friends and we left. It took us an entire hour to get the car from the valet. I really hate to complain about things, but I thought something should be said.

I feel sorry for the occasion. The organisers had a really good chance to make something tasteful and unforgettable, and they failed.

Anyway, kind reader, you must see the exhibition, if you can. There are great moments blown up in great format.

I have been to other Lachapelle parties and exhibitions, at Deitch Projects in NYC for example, and the vibe was completely different: playful, colourful, and full of joy. Too bad when art falls in the wrong hands.