Monday, June 22, 2009

Always Different and Never the Same

Once upon a time there was a man who used to spend the whole time looking through the window. On his journeys, he always picked the window seat and, not even for a second, bothered to look elsewhere.

The man had no friends as no one could stand his unexplainable indifference, his perpetual silence, his rejection. But the man, of course, never knew this for he did not mean these actions. He was simply attracted to what was going on at the other side of the window, even when there was absolutely nothing going on outside.

He used to smoke, not only to justify his window obsession, but to secretly leave a trail, even when he knew it would not last for long, like the view outside, which like life is always different and never the same.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

An imaginary debut album

Not long ago, I bumped into another silly application on Facebook, one that allows you to find the name of your band, and your band's album cover. I thought that was kind of silly: why settle with their suggestions, when you can use your imagination. It's always more fun to imagine.

Here's how I'd call the tracks on my imaginary debut album:

  1. A Few Clouds
  2. Dein i-Phone ist Kaputt!
  3. Yoga Fire
  4. Berlin
  5. Email Yourself
  6. Rubber Gloves
  7. 5 Star Motel
  8. Drugstore Robbery
  9. 1984
  10. The Skype is The Limit

As for the title, simply 'Don't Ask'

Record cover attached
Imaginary label: Pitufilms Records