Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The book of Dreams

...where the wind is been telling the truth for ever
and ever
and ever...

Last night I had a strange dream. Impossible to tell all the details here. Intricate. Kind of scary. Bizarre. Was it watching True Blood? Was it drinking #17 at the local mezcaleria? In any case, it's always interesting to know how much information finds its way into our consciousness.

I understand little about dreams: earlier, when I was a child, I thought they had a secret meaning, but when I read about some of the interpretations I stopped trying to analise them, what is the point if somebody else already did, I thought.

At the moment the only thing that interests me about dreaming is the benefit I can get from them, for instance, to steal an idea from the dream and to then use that idea to create something new with it. Ideas for stories, fictions, non-fiction, that kind of thing, which is why I have been keeping a dream journal next to my bed for the past six months or so.

If you are reading this and, like me, you are the kind of reader who tends to imagine every single object mentioned, let me correct your thoughts: the book where I write my dreams is not exactly a red pocket-size Moleskine notebook, although for romantic purposes and posterity I wish it was.

Writing with pen and paper is completely outdated and not very practical to my point of view, speacially writing in the dark. It's just more efficient to write on an electronic device, call it i-touch, i-pad or blackberry, which is the case.

The data I store is in the shape of keywords just to keep it even more practical, keywords that work as polaroids representing a sequence, so when I see a couple of them I can remember the entire dream.

Writing entire dreams it's a silly idea, I think. It's non-sense. The interesting part is the monuments you see, the details in them, the visuals, the concepts, but the story not always is worth telling, because there is a lack of enlightment, unless the concsious bit of us takes part and extracts it from the dream. That is what interests me, so I am going to check my notes and if I am ready I'll just write a modified dream down on a red pocket-sike Moleskine notebook one day soon, if not, I'll just keep dreaming.