Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Someone wrote me this poem...

you are so hopelessly pretty
if i were walking on a tight rope
and I fell
into your arms
it would be ok

you are so helplessly pretty
as you glide along the street
all the eyes respectfully caress you

you are so honestly pretty
I could walk up to you
and take you by the hand
and take you to another land

you are so hopelessly pretty
if you were walking on a tight rope
and fell
I would catch you and catch you and catch you
all day long


Friday, March 5, 2010

She is a Rainbow

Once I followed the rainbow until the other end and when I got there, someone was waiting for me and told me, oh dear, you made it this far, you believed and followed without fearing the lightning, the storm, the blinding sun. Now I am going to answer to you any question you have. ask anything. You just have one question... And so I asked...

- What's the magic spell for happiness?
- You have to say these words everyday:
"I don't know about tomorrow, but today I am the happiest person in the whole wide world"
- That's it?
- Yes, that's it.
- And how often shall I repeat these words?
- Everyday.
- How often?
- As often as you want.
- Does it cost.
- No, it's free.
- Ok! thanks a million!
-Nevermind. I told you: it's free.

And so, I came all the way back following the colours in the sky.